South Bay Singers

for Gilroy, Morgan Hill and Hollister

A Message from Jonathan Souza

South Bay Singers Artistic Director and Conductor

I am excited to begin our collaboration as your new director for the South Bay Singers. I am in my 22nd year as a music educator and currently teach choral music at both Gilroy and Christopher High Schools where I direct five choirs. Music has always been a significant part of my life.

My journey to become a professional in education and choral director began when I was a child. My father was a public school music teacher. I grew up watching him teach children to play instruments, to sing and to become an ensemble. I watched a seemingly endless parade of children laughing, crying, celebrating, and supporting one another in their ensembles, their community. Experiencing the evolution of each year’s new community as a young child seemed normal to me. What was amazing to me is that his students lifted each other up, making sure that all in the community were supported. When conflicts bubbled up, the community worked through it. It was not a utopian society, but it was a beloved community. I didn’t realize how much growing up in these student music communities had on my life until I too was studying to be a music educator.

I feel deeply that all of us yearn to be a part of a community of some sort and we should make every effort to build systems that encourage community mindedness. We all need community and for me ensemble music making has become inextricably linked to my identity. What better place to explore the range of human experiences than a choral ensemble. We come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, yet we can collaborate in a common purpose to make music and be moved by music. 

A choral community that supports, celebrates, provides strength and a sense of belonging which creates a safe and compassionate place for all singers is an ensemble I want to be a part of. Without community we are lost. We all must include taking the time and care to build a compassionate and supportive community in all aspects of our choir. I intend to do this as your director and look forward to building relationships with all of you.

Our Spring program will be titled “Hope for the World” and will include a diverse repertoire exploring our human experience, searching for understanding and finding hope for the future. 

Tentative dates for our Spring Concert will be May 4 and 5, 2024. Please check back here for updates and information!

Can you read music? Carry a tune? We’re always looking for new choir members. Check out the JOIN US page and let us know who you are.  If you’re not quite ready, here’s hoping you’ll attend our next concert and be inspired to join South Bay Singers! ​